Our company is a Hungarian owned Termoplast Kkt. Its predecessor was the Termoplast Gmk, founded in 1983. As a result of continuous renewal of technical, technological and quality developments, Kkt has grown from a small workshop into a company with nearly 90 employees.

Our core technology is thermoplastic injection molding, product assembly, and the recovery, recycling and distribution of non-hazardous plastic waste. Of the 5,200 m², we currently use 650 m² for product manufacturing, 380 m² for assembly, packaging and 200 m² for recycling. Our raw materials and finished products are stored in an area of 1000 m² without outdoor storage.

We work in 3 shifts. Our fleet currently consists of 26 ENGEL-made non-column - horizontal and vertical injection molding machines in the range of 20-160 T, typically for the post 2011 period. Thanks to our successful developments, they are constantly changing and increasingly renewed. There are for manufacturing: robots, dryers, material selectors, artificial feeders, etc.

20% of our products are general household products, typically HDPE, PP. For other manufactured products, PP, PA and PBT in free and filled form (eg Talcum, glass fiber), PC, PMMA, POM, PPS, glass filled PET etc.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the highest standards of stable raw materials and auxiliary suppliers, continuous maintenance of our production equipment and technologies, and last but not least, the implemented quality management standards, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and MSZ 45001:2018.

Thanks to the processes listed above, we are able to serve our clients in the required quality in a timely manner.